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Do you need wealth advice?

First of all, do you need professional wealth advice?

A qualified wealth manager provides guaranteed advice and will help you to plan and invest effectively and efficiently using their extensive financial knowledge.

IF you can relate to one of the following, and you have/are a;

  • Investable Assets Over £100k
  • Pension Savings of Over £250k
  • Looking to borrow for a property valued over £750k
  • Personal Individual annual earnings over £60k
  • Assets worth over £250k
  • Your own business
  • Doctor, Medical or Science Professional?
  • Sports professional – looking for independent advice
  • Recently windfall of over £50k

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Qualified Professional Wealth and Financial Advice

We believe it is essential to receive high quality, independent, qualified Financial advice. After all, your home, your savings and your pension could be working much harder from you, and by having a manager who will give you valuable advice.

Wealth Advice UK provides you with = authorised and regulated adviser’s who are specialists in your specific wealth management areas and can support you to help you to make the right choice for your financial future!

All our selected advisers, in line with the regulatory requirement, provide pension advice. Our chosen advisers pride themselves in treating customers fairly, providing a dedicated approach of focusing on ‘the client’s best interest’.

Rest assured that the adviser we allocate to you will be a qualified specialist, who is experienced and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Review Your Pension and Retirement Planning

We have a chosen team of independent qualified pension investment advice specialists.

You will be dealing directly with qualified financial advisers, as recommended by the government. Our chosen advisers pride themselves in providing a modern, informative approach, dealing with each client on a personal and individual basis.

Furthermore, their pension advice covers all areas of pensions. They can help you with defined benefit pension advice, releasing funds, inheritance planning, tax advice, annuity rates, pension lump sum, and many other queries to do with your pension.

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Client reviews…

I regularly look to place my money in stocks and shares. However, I do not have time to monitor this properly – So I employed specialist advice and my portfolio growth has increased significantly…I am happy with the advice and regular updates I get.

Private Investor

I am glad I used a qualified Adviser, they gave me all the options and enabled me to make informed choices!

Mr H

Helpful advice, handled all pension matters professionally and kept in touch during the whole process…

Mr L
I was totally satisfied with the personal care and experience I got and I was reassured with confidence that I was doing the correct thing…
Lorraine Briant

With no clue when it comes to money,  I just knew I wasn’t doing things right!  So it was great to find advice that helped to put me on the right track as I come to my retirement..

Medical Professional, Private and NHS Consultant

Friendly service, clear advice, took the time to explain the options and never felt under pressure to switch my pension…

Mr J

I have saved all my working life for my retirement, I was very worried about what I would do with my pension money when the government announced that the annuity market was changing. Pension Advice Uk helped me to find the best options for me!

Mrs Whatmoor
After receiving a sizeable windfall from the sale of my shares. By taking advice I have now managed to capitalise further! Great work!
Business Shareholder, Engineering Co
I worried about how my agent was handling my affairs, by getting independent advice gave me peace of mind…
Sports Professional, Rugby

I was not sure about moving my pension over but best move I have ever done, I am glad I got professional advice…

Mrs C.

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